Past Clients


As a full production and marketing agency, we give your brand a new platform of experience. Whether that is to count steps with a fitness tracking watch or tell a campaign story that nourishes the soul, our clients have built meaningful connections between your brand and the culture of today.


Our Brand Approach

luminhero has a rigorous, programmatic approach to creating brand experiences. From pop-up retail to product launches, luminhero has the expertise, creativity, industry relationships, and logistic know-how to do it right, every time.


Nextseed Investment Platform Launch

luminhero partnered with Propel Water to present NextSeed, a crowdfunding platform, to our community. Attendees learned about investments and celebrated community by a workout and yoga. 400 attendees and over 500,000 social impressions were created. 

FIGat7th Retail Destination Activation - FITatFIG

FigAt7th Retail Marketing - luminhero produced the annual FitAtFig wellness event to promote its retail destination, promote traffic to the mall, and increase retail store purchases. Interactive store popups, wellness villages, and celebrity workouts attracted over 600 attendees to the event. Over 1,500,000 impressions were made during the day.



RXBAR targeted Downtown Los Angeles as the premiere area to promote their marketing message "No. B.S." luminhero created a fitness event to promote their L.A. Live billboards messaging, maximize digital and foot traffic, and present the values of RXBAR to the community. Hundreds of people were in attendance and over 1,000,000 social impressions were created.



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