“I spent my early teens as a car broker in Japan selling Ferarris I bought in the US. Buyers in Japan would give me cash amounting to around $60,000 dollars, which I would stuff in suitcases and travel to Los Angeles with.  I remember how nervous I would feel when I was going to LAX customs with all that cash. “Let me help you count it”, my dad would say as he walked into my room, watching me unloading crazy amounts of money from my suitcase.” Over the next few years, I made many loyal customers and made a dozen of these “car broking” trips. Money seemed so easy and I felt unstoppable. I started spending in unsustainable ways, buying expensive cars and eating at fine restaurants.  I was convinced that this would be my life forever… until it wasn’t. When the economy came crashing down in 1987 and e-commerce started to grow, the whole logistical game changed. I lost my position as a middle man. I was dead broke because I never saved the money that I made. “It was the classic story of riches to rags. And it really affected me mentally. I felt it was unfair and I was angry. I needed something in my life that brought me back to the adventurous and humble kid I was when I first stepped into Japan. And that something was yoga. It was a special gift because it made me feel humble and good. It challenged me to find comfort in poses that felt uncomfortable, which was synonymous with shifting my negative mindset at the time into a positive one. And that space of thinking is what I continue to pursue with yoga and hope others will pursue as well. “Oh, and I managed to save an old Ferrari that I just couldn’t let go of.”

Hero: Nicholas

Rock Lee