"I want others to show up to themselves.

When I was a teenager, my father was found dead in his home. The cause of his death was never found leaving me with a deep sense of loss and longing for answers. I started couch hopping in Hollywood to make ends meet and worked several jobs to support myself through college. I even lived in a recording studio basement while working in music promotions. I worked late nights and was surrounded by people using drugs and alcohol. 

Looking back, I wouldn’t say yoga healed my pain, but it did give me the tools to understand my pain. It still helps me release the sadness that surfaces. Yoga is just that kind of therapy to me. It holds me accountable to my feelings - both good and bad - it represents my truth. I encourage students to lead from their hearts, to follow their intuition, to search for their purpose. Because through yoga, we can use the narrative of our own courageous stories to uplift and elevate the world.”

Hero: @emilieperzyoga is a global yoga instructor known for a charismatic charm and invigorating vinyasa flows.

Rock Lee