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“I’m on an endeavor to be the best mom that I can be for my three kids. I don’t always feel like a great mom though. I’m doing a lot of things like juggling my job, being a mom, being a wife and trying to squeeze in a little “me” time. I ask myself all the time - if I give up fitness, will I be a better mom? If I give up work, will I be a better mom? If I never miss a science fair, a volunteer opportunity or a play date would I be the perfect mom?

Then, there are times where I feel like a pretty good mom. I put a lot of time into showing my kids the importance of empathy and compassion towards others. I try to teach them the value of contributing to a greater group, like our family. One time, my eldest daughter, Arianna, wrote her best friend a card stating all the reasons she loves her as a friend just because. And my second is always helping the youngest on the swing or with cleanup. Little moments like these encourage me that I am doing some things right.

I think the key to my success as a mom is accepting that I can’t always physically be there for my kids. My husband and I connect weekly to reassess our family plan and we accept that we may make some mistakes and course-correct as we go! 
#MomTip every morning remind yourself that it’s not a selfish endeavor to want to grow through your career or your passions. Be a great mom. Be a great leader. Be your best self!”.

Hero: @lakhoury1 is a mom of 3, business development manager, wife, and 2-time gold medal winner of Berkeley gymnastics.

Rock Lee