Do Not Settle.


I grew up being told that, “Relationships take work”, which I translated to: “Relationships are difficult”... which are two very different things. ✨ I used to pick partners that were beyond wrong for me. I put myself in scary and heartbreaking situations, lost myself, put up with things and acted in ways I’m not proud of, and always stuck it out longer than I should have because “relationships take work.” 🤷🏻‍♀️ But... as it turns out... when you’re in a good relationship it’s easy waaaay more often than it’s difficult. ❤️ I had no idea this was possible until I met a guy that not only puts up with me, but celebrates my weirdness. We’ve had some arguments (and a little premarital counseling... so cool - life changing!), but I’d say we’ve had about one million happy days to each rough one. That’s how relationships should be. Do. Not. Settle. Don’t stay with someone that doesn’t build you up and expect great things from you and who will also let you off the hook when you need it. As it turns out, relationships do take work, but just like when you choose a job you love, it’s work that’s exciting, fulfilling, and worth it when you’re with the right person. ✨

Rock Lee