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“I always dreamed of the day when the father who raised me would meet my birth mother, Kioko. But around the time when we started to arrange the meeting, my father became really sick. The doctor said he had terminal cancer. “I would love to meet your birth mother,” my father said. 

My birth mother flew from Los Angeles to meet us in Princeton, NJ. It was a very special night. I’ll never forget the moment she reached out and grabbed my father by the hand to tell him “Thank you for raising my baby… my son.” My dad was speechless as he wept. My birth mother wept beside him letting go of decades of guilt and shame. Meeting my father helped bring her a lot of closure… that in return, brought me much happiness.

On the car ride home, I asked my dad “why did you want to meet my birth mother now?” He said, “when you don’t have a lot of time left in this world, you know every moment counts… that moment was real.””

 Hero: Brett Hoebel .

Brett Hoebel is a fitness entrepreneur famous for appearances on shows like The Biggest Loser and Fat Chef. His latest venture to check out: Sweat With Soul

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