A J A X  &  A L T A

“I just reached 3 years sober. Throughout my life, I’ve been kind of an extreme person, with drugs and alcohol abuse being a part of my story. I found myself waking up in situations that now seem completely nuts. And when I finally decided to stop, it wasn’t like I was saying, “I need to get super healthy and get a six pack.” It was like I was finally willing to let myself live up to my potential. I didn’t want to feel ashamed anymore.

Right around that time, I started my little furry tribe, and we have spent almost everyday together since. Ajax and Alta have helped guide me on this new chapter of my life. Sometimes I’ll catch them just staring at me like creeps, and I’ll think “Wow, they really do love me.” It’s pretty wild to mean that much to another living soul. Ajax, the one you carried, is sweet and goofy. He has a bunch of odd stuff he does that I never trained him to do. Like climbing on my back. Alta is a little bashful and a real trouble maker. They both mean the world to me… And it’s not that I think of them like people, I think of myself as a third giant dog that gets to play and run in the grass. 


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