“I was 15 when the revolution came. The political state of Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic) was very dark, stemming from its deep state of communism. During the revolution, we never knew if the tank would come, like they did in 1968, to squander our revolution in blood and tears. But I always had a curiosity for the truth. So I was one of the kids, in the protests on the streets, fighting for what I felt was right. And when we became free, the experience of it all left a mark deep inside of me.

When people look at my work, I want them to see the truth of it all. To see the remainders of me inside each painting. With really large size canvases, you can’t really reach on all sides. So I really get into each painting. I step on it. I kneel on it. I even sweat on it. Every single piece has a trace of me in it. Where it was during the experience and how each detail came about.

I think to know the truth, you have to have the mind to rationalize it. Otherwise you won’t see it, you won’t hear it, or you will just go totally crazy.”

Hero: @maximdtla

Maxim is a celebrated artist from Prague who showcases his work all over the world. You can check out his latest collection @tuckhotel

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